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Knees of Bees Icons
06 02 09 - Resource post #2
My New Wave Boyfriend
So, my old resource post is getting pretty cluttered because I don't use a lot of those resources any more. From here on out: The old resource post is for icons from 2007-2008. This post is from 2009 onwards.

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James Dean! <3
It's a smaller post, but I just needed to get these out of my system.

(09) Lost
(04) Grease
(02) Freaks and Geeks
(02) The Virgin Suicides

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My New Wave Boyfriend
(12) Freaks and Geeks
(06) Scarlett Johansson
(04) The OC
(09) 30 Rock Quotes
+ 2 more Scarlett icons

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My New Wave Boyfriend
I was really just working on cropping with this batch, so they're a little bit plain.

[07 Almost Famous]
[09 Fast Times At Ridgemont High]
[09 The Breakfast Club]


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My New Wave Boyfriend
The remnants of my attempt at i_character. I thought that I'd at least have a few seasons done by now. WRONG. It's kind of bugging me that I didn't finish it, but at least I got a few icons out of it, right? It turns out that I can't make 89479247 icons of somebody. I tried a challenge like this with Seth Cohen and it totally didn't work either.


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Lucille Ball
So, I had these done about a week or two after Batch #10 but I kind of forgot about them. I thought I was going to add more to the batch, but then I lost my Photoshop, and school got in the way again. So I actually haven't even seen most of these icons since like February. I hope you like them though! :)

[15 Brick]
[02 Dandelion]
[08 James Dean]


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